6 Month Session | Silos in Katy, TX

I loved every thing about this session! Not only is this family just the best, the lighting was beautiful, and the silos… man I love the silos! Little Henry turned 6 months and is such a happy little guy. So smiley! He and his two bigger brothers are going to have so much fun growing up together. I can’t wait to see you for your FIRST birthday Henry!

6 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00726 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00736 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00746 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00756 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00766 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00776 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00786 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00796 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00806 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00816 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_00826 Month Session | Katy Silos, TX Family Photographer_0083

Texas Wedding | College Station, TX

Happy Monday! So a week ago I got to spend the day in College Station, TX with these two love birds, Lara & Patrick. It was SO much fun! They are two of the sweetest people! The wedding its self along with all the details (as you’ll see below) were beautiful, but MY personal favorite part about their wedding was all the family and friends. They are all so close and loving towards everyone (including me!) and just blew me away with all the love and support for Lara and Patrick. Lara is from Chile and so not everyone could make it all the way here to Texas. To show their love they put together a little video of each of them expressing their love and well wishes to her and Patrick and it was so sweet. While the video was playing during the reception I look over to see Lara with a couple tears of joy and it makes me tear up! Its was very touching. I should note that they were all speaking Spanish in the video so I had no idea exactly what they were saying, but as the father of the bride said you can see the emotions in what they are saying by their facial expressions! He was right! It was so thoughtful and not something you see a lot. All the family and friends (on both sides of the family) who were there all seem like best friends and it just made the day even more fun to be a part of!

I also need to add that Patrick and his family are some good country dancers! 🙂 I love country music and country dancing and they all made it fun for me to capture!

Lara & Patrick, thank you guys so so much for allowing me to take part in the beginning of your journey as husband and wife! I can tell it’s going to be full of adventures, an infinite amount of LOVE, and lots laughs! Felicitaciones!!

Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0057

Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0059Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0060Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0058Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0061Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0062Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0063Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0070Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0071Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0064Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0065Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0066Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0068Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0069Texas Wedding | College Station, TX Wedding Photographer_0067

Mossy Tree Maternity Session | Katy, TX

This family right here is one of a kind! I may be biased because they are such good friends that we consider them family… but I bet if you knew them you’d feel the same way! 🙂 They are pregnant with their 3rd baby and after two adorable little boys they are having a GIRL! Woohoo!! As a mom of THREE boys… I couldn’t have been more excited for them!! Obviously because I get to steal her and pretend she is my own… dress her up… braid hair… you get it! (don’t worry, her mom knows this already) They were both so shocked when they found out because she just knew it was another boy – which would have been amazing as well – but now they get to experience all the wonders that come with having a girl and I just cannot wait to meet little miss Vivienne June! <— I know… cutest name ever!

Wright Maternity-4Wright Maternity-11Wright Maternity-14Wright Maternity-18Wright Maternity-20Wright Maternity-27Wright Maternity-28Wright Maternity-33Wright Maternity-39Wright Maternity-40Wright Maternity-43Wright Maternity-45Wright Maternity-47

Family Session in Hermann Park | Houston, TX

Happy Wednesday! This family is so sweet. I got to meet them for the first time at my Christmas Tree Farm sessions last November when this little guy was only a few months old. I got to catch up with them again this past November for their fall family session and he has just gotten so big and so adorable! I mean check out that dimple!! (insert the heart eyes here!) We met at Hermann Park downtown bright and early for our session and he was ready with lots of smiles for me! Mom and dad found out they will be expecting another little BOY this year, and I’m so excited for them!!

Hermann Park Family Session_0002Hermann Park Family Session_0003Hermann Park Family Session_0004Hermann Park Family Session_0005Hermann Park Family Session_0006Hermann Park Family Session_0007Hermann Park Family Session_0008Hermann Park Family Session_0009

First Blog Post | Snow Day in Katy, TX

HAPPY 2018 EVERYONE!! I hope everyone has enjoyed some time off to relax and enjoy being around loved ones, friends, and family! I know I have, but man am I glad it was time to go back to school. Mainly so I could sit down and write my very FIRST blog post and drink my coffee while its HOT! I feel like I am embarking on a new adventure with creating a blog, and I couldn’t be more excited for it! I figure the start of the year is the best time to do that. I have not always been one for great grammar, spelling, or anything like that (I’m probably making a mistake with this sentence now! ha!) so forgive me in advance. Either way I’m giving this a shot and am just going to write like I speak… which includes a lot of !! Since this is my first post I suppose I should introduce myself…

I’m Lara! I am the person behind Lara Carter Photography! I grew up in Grapevine, TX and then went off to Texas A&M for college (WHOOP!) and graduated with a degree in Human Resources. Then moved to Houston, TX and started my first big girl job. Fast forward a year and I became a wife to my hunky husband. I am now a mom to 3 adorable little boys who have stolen my heart! So how did I get into being a photographer? Glad you asked! I have always loved taking pictures, but it was when my first little boy came into the world in 2011 that I dove into the DSLR world. I not only wanted to capture his life, but I wanted to learn to do it well! Poor thing… his younger brother’s pictures as a baby are significantly better than his baby pictures. Oldest sibling problems. Four years, that flew by, later I opened my photography business after realizing the JOY it brought me to not only take these images, but to have them to cherish forever! Which is why I wanted to be able to do that for other families. I’ve had some of the best clients and am so grateful for all of them entrusting me to capture their family’s memories, new loves, and wedding days.  I LOVE getting to chase the little kiddos around while capturing their truest smiles. I love getting to meet precious new babies and watch as their parents fall in love with them! I love getting to join a couple on their biggest day. I love IT ALL! So thank you ALL for allowing me to be a part of these moments with you! With this new blog I’m hoping to be able to share more images from each session with all of you and be able brag about how awesome my clients are! I can’t wait! To start off… I’ll share some of my kiddos from the snow day we had a couple weeks ago! It was all three of their first time to see REAL snow!! Which is a Christmas miracle it came to Houston because that never happens! So we had fun throwing and rolling the snow! Enjoy!

Katy TX Snow Day_0010_0007Katy TX Snow Day_0010_0008Katy TX Snow Day_0010_0009Katy TX Snow Day_0010Katy TX Snow Day_0011Katy TX Snow Day_0012Katy TX Snow Day_0013Katy TX Snow Day_0014Katy TX Snow Day_0015