Mossy Tree Maternity Session | Katy, TX

This family right here is one of a kind! I may be biased because they are such good friends that we consider them family… but I bet if you knew them you’d feel the same way! 🙂 They are pregnant with their 3rd baby and after two adorable little boys they are having a GIRL! Woohoo!! As a mom of THREE boys… I couldn’t have been more excited for them!! Obviously because I get to steal her and pretend she is my own… dress her up… braid hair… you get it! (don’t worry, her mom knows this already) They were both so shocked when they found out because she just knew it was another boy – which would have been amazing as well – but now they get to experience all the wonders that come with having a girl and I just cannot wait to meet little miss Vivienne June! <— I know… cutest name ever!

Wright Maternity-4Wright Maternity-11Wright Maternity-14Wright Maternity-18Wright Maternity-20Wright Maternity-27Wright Maternity-28Wright Maternity-33Wright Maternity-39Wright Maternity-40Wright Maternity-43Wright Maternity-45Wright Maternity-47

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